About us

Our Story

We believe in the transformational power of food.

Growing up in India back in the good old days we were used to 3-4 fresh meals made from scratch every day and the occasional treat of fresh dessert! Not to mention the long list of fresh snacks prepared every now and then.

Fast forward to today, in our adopted country – Australia where our busy and demanding lifestyles mean that eating simple yet delicious meals using fresh produce was reduced to an occasional indulgence, instead of a daily ritual. We thought we only had two options; either cook in bulk on weekends and freeze to eat during the week, which meant sacrificing our scarce leisure time and still settling for frozen not fresh. Or eat cafe and takeaway food, which was neither good for our health, well-being, or our pockets.

Enter Tiffinly, a smart home style food service!

The Tiffinly vision helped us solve this problem. Now we’re dedicated to helping others understand how, along with physical activity and rest, the life energy in food is a path to well-being. We have an exciting service that allows everybody to have the back home in India experience right here in Melbourne, Australia. Together with our team, we mindfully provide life affirming, enriching food that brings bliss to the lives of many – every day.

We make Tiffinly food in a 100% Clean & Hygienic Commercial Kitchen🌱.