Healthy Indian Meal Delivery Services

What makes Indian cuisine so unique is how elegantly it amalgamates taste and health. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Lacto vegetarian or a hard-core vegan; Indian cuisine has something for everyone to look forward to.

Going by this principle, Tiffinly has created a diverse and healthy Indian meal plan for students, and working couples. We started Indian meal delivery services to deliver Indian pre-prepared meals across Melbourne.

A Variety of Healthy Indian Meal Plan Everyday

Taking a cue from the Indian cuisine playbook, we bring variety to our menu to satisfy your taste buds and be a healthy daily meal supply. From everyday basic dishes to assorted special dishes, we prepare home style food representing culinary excellence from across the geographical landscape of India.

Choose Your Meal Plan and Get Fresh India Food Delivered to Your Doorstep

You might be missing your mom’s thepla or craving some flavoursome medu vada; all you need to do is create a customised meal plan and pre-book your order. We shall deliver your food to your doorstep! We use freshly sourced ingredients and traditional recipes to prepare your food under highly hygienic conditions.

Choose From a Variety of Healthy Indian Meal Plan, Everyday!

At Tiffinly, we focus on preparing and cooking assorted fresh Indian meals, so your food doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives or addictive or high sugar content. Also, we use just the right amount of oil and spices, so it’s light on your tummy and doesn’t lose its nutritional value.

Get Home-cooked Indian Prepared Meals Delivery Service

Anyone who stays away from home knows the significance of home-cooked food! So, if you miss cool mango Shrikhand during summers or want to enjoy piping-hot Rajma that tastes like your mother’s cooking – we deliver delicious and nutrient-rich food to your home.

Call Tiffinly and get vegetarian tiffin service anywhere in Melbourne.