Indian Tiffin Service

100% Vegetarian Tiffin Service in Abbotsford

We live in a jet-paced world – every day is a hustle. Whether you are a young working couple or an overseas student – Life in a metropolitan like Melbourne can be hectic at times. It is not possible to cook an elaborate Indian meal from scratch. Having takeaways or junk laden with high sugar or salt concentrate is not healthy or pocket-friendly.

Why eat frozen food when you can have freshly made and delicious 100% Clean & Hygienic Commercial Kitchen🌱 Call Tiffinly today for tiffin service across Abbotsford and surrounding areas.

Freshly Cooked Indian Meal Delivery Service in Abbotsford

Tiffinly was started by two Indian immigrants to offer fresh, authentic, vegetarian and lip-smacking Indian tiffin service for residents around Abbotsford. Tiffinly takes care of all cooking chores and allows you to enjoy healthy food without sacrificing taste and quality.

Enjoy Homestyle Indian Food Tiffin Service Anywhere in Abbotsford

Staying away from home, the first thing we miss is your mom’s cooking! While nothing can replace that love and warmth, at Tiffinly, we ensure that you get the delicious, freshly-cooked and 100% Clean & Hygienic Commercial Kitchen🌱. Whether traditional Gujarati cuisine or South Indian curries, we cooked the food with authentic Indian spices and hand-picked and seasonal ingredients.

Get Delicious Indian Meal Delivered To Your Doorstep

Unlike fast-food or restaurant takeaways, our food is not prepared from frozen or canned ingredients and doesn’t contain artificial flavourings, additives or preservatives. If you reside in or around Abbotsford, we deliver fresh and warm Indian food to your doorstep. We Prepare our Meals:
  • Using Ayurvedic principles, so your food retains its nutrients.
  • In Hygienic kitchens
  • Without any harmful additives, preservatives or emulsifiers.

The Easiest Way To Book Your Indian Food Delivery in Abbotsford

Gorge on wholesome and healthy vegetarian tiffin services anywhere in and around Abbotsford; call Tiffinly and place your order today.


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