Indian Tiffin Service

Vegetarian Tiffin Service in Tullamarine

Are you one of those students or working professionals thinking, “yarr acha khana kaha milega?” “Where am I gonna find good food?” For affordable, delicious, ghar jaisa khana Tiffinly has you covered. Tiffinly’s tiffin service offers 100% Clean & Hygienic Commercial Kitchen🌱 meals at your doorstep in Tullamarine. Hundreds of miles away from home, food from across the ocean with the same flavours and spices is now just one call away.

Freshly Cooked Indian Tiffin Service in Tullamarine

Eating fresh and healthy is something everyone wants to practice. But when we find out how much of a hassle finding fresh ingredients and cooking is, junk food is waiting for us around the corner.

Ditch the unhealthy, oily food made from ready-made sauces and pastes. Make a healthy choice in life with Tiffinly’s fresh Indian meals.

What is so unique about this tiffin service in Tullamarine?
  1. We use coconut oil instead of regular canola/vegetable oil to go easy on your heart.
  2. Food based on the Ayurvedic Principles.
  3. Fresh Ingredients.
  4. Minimal use of frozen food items.
  5. As natural as food can be.
  6. No nasty business of preservatives and additives.
  7. Different options for each day of the week.

Delicious Indian Meal Delivery To Your Doorstep

Finding food from the land of spices here in Tullamarine is an impossible task. Are you yearning for the variety of Shrikhands, soft rotis, and the smell of biryanis that get your mouth watering and heart racing?

Tiffinly is your one-stop solution for eating all Indian meals on-demand. You just have to place your orders, sit back, and wait for the delicious Indian meal to make its way to you. Once you order one meal from our tiffin service in Tullamarine, you are bound to be back for more.

Vegetarian Indian Tiffin Service In Tullamarine

Tiffinly is your one-stop destination for the best vegetarian Indian meals. We offer 100% Clean & Hygienic Commercial Kitchen🌱 food made with fresh, natural ingredients. Our highly-trained chefs are committed to satisfying you every time!

Book your meal for the most enticing Indian tiffin service in Tullamarine.


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