Eat fresh, every day

Prana is the life force found in all living things, including the food we eat. Prana in food is at its highest while ingredients are still living. This reduces dramatically the longer food is stored. That’s why our offerings are made from scratch on the same day you order them – or as we like to say, ‘from pan to plate’. Eating the right nutritious food gives you greater life energy – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Tiffinly is home-style high prana nutritious food – made to order from scratch. Made available in ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat forms.

Living food

Food is not just an important part of you – it is you – because you are what you eat. That’s why living, wholesome, water-rich food is vital to wellbeing. Food produced only for profit or convenience doesn’t contribute to the quality of your life or the wellbeing of the planet. Food shouldn’t be stored for long periods but cooked and eaten fresh, and never wasted. Here at Tiffinly, all our food must pass the following tests:
  • It must be living
  • It must be wholesome
  • It must be water-rich

Mindfulness infused

Our process is traditional. We believe thoughts and emotions have an impact on the environment, including an effect on the food we eat. Our team at Tiffinly practice meditation daily before preparing your food. Tiffinly food will leave you feeling light, but satisfied and bliss-FULL.


the health benefits

Unlike most restaurant or takeaway foods, Tiffinly food is cooked based on Ayurvedic principles, is suitable for daily consumption, and has many healing qualities.

  1. Cooked using Ayurvedic principles. We make our food from scratch. Not from pre-made sauces or pastes.
  2. Has a balanced amount of natural supplements like:
    1. Fresh Turmeric (instead of turmeric powder)
    2. FRESH Ginger, medicinal use of garlic
    3. Use only the best and purest cinnamon, cardamom and other herbs
    4. Use fresh herbs and not the factory processed pastes with preservatives
  3. Use minimal oils. We use only cold-pressed natural oils. NO HARMFUL REFINED OILS USED. Where possible, we use coconut, which contains natural oil.
  4. Easy on tummy, feel good and lighter after each meal
  5. We use seasonal and fresh ingredients where possible, avoiding frozen items.
  6. All-natural
    1. Zero preservatives
    2. Zero additives
    3. Zero artificial colours
    4. Zero nasties