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Home Style Cooked South Indian Tiffin Service in Melbourne

Punjabis are always the life of the party, and Punjabi food is no different. The food from the land of five rivers is loaded with flavours due to the use of various traditionally made spices. Your search for soulful food ends with Punjabi dishes like Shahi Paneer, Sarso Da Saag, Dal Makhani and the sweet Gajar ka Halwa.

Order at Tiffinly’s South Indian tiffin service to take in the aroma of curry leaves and mustard seeds from our home-styled cooked meals.

Vegetarian South Indian Tiffin Service at an Affordable Cost

Rice, fruits, coconut, and spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and clover, are some of the most common elements used in cooking South Indian cuisine. The use of all these healthy and fat-free ingredients makes South Indian cuisine super healthy and diet friendly. South Indian food is extremely nutritious as most of their dishes are steam-cooked and are light in calories. If you are looking for healthy, vegetarian food, it doesn’t get better than ordering South Indian meals from Tiffinly’s Holistic Ayurvedic Cuisine tiffin service.

Delicious South Indian Meal Delivery to Your Doorstep

Coconut Chutney clubbed with other spicy, mouth-watering, tangy South Indian dishes that will leave you yearning for more. South Indian cuisine hosts a wide variety from mild idlis to spicy sambhar, rasam, and kormas.

The ones craving something sweet should definitely try out South Indian Payasam, Mysore Pak, Paal Poli, and Paniyaram.

Freshly Cooked South Indian Tiffin Service in Melbourne

If you are a health-conscious person who’s unable to step into the kitchen. Why not try ordering home-style cooked food from Tiffinly? Tiffinly uses fresh local ingredients and ensures you eat freshly cooked meals daily. Our chefs are well-versed in the traditional cooking methods of South Indian cuisine. With their expertise, Tiffinly offers you an authentic home-cooked experience right to your doorstep. What’s so special about Tiffinly’s Tiffin Boxes?
  • Food Prepared Based on Ayurvedic Principles.
  • Coconut Is Used as an Alternative to Oil. The Use of Oil Is Minimised
  • Light on Your Stomach
  • Seasonal and Fresh Ingredients Are Used as Much as Possible
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Zero Additives
  • Zero Nasties or Pre-made Pastes
  • New Dishes for Each Day of the Week
Switch to Tiffinly and make the healthier choice. Contact Tiffinly’s Holistic Ayurvedic Cuisine tiffin service to feast on South Indian meals delivered to your doorstep in Melbourne.


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