Wholesome Student Tiffin Services Across Melbourne

Being an overseas student is no easy feat – there’s a lot to manage. Besides juggling their studies and extracurricular activities, many Indian students work part-time to learn essential skills and pay their bills.

With so many things to do, preparing a daily Indian meal seems like a chore. Why eat frozen or processed food when you can gorge on warm, freshly prepared and delicious Indian food! Contact Tiffinly for nutritious student tiffin services.

Daily Tiffin Service For College Students

The idea behind starting Tiffinly was to make sumptuous, home-cooked and healthy meals available for Indian students at a price that’s easy on their pockets. Nothing can beat the taste of freshly cooked food. At Tiffinly, we use seasonal ingredients to prepare each meal so that you can enjoy zero-preservatives food that is created with positive intentions and hygienic processes.

Authentic Indian Food Tiffin Service For University Students

For a university student, there’s never enough time to catch a break. No wonder cooking has become the most hated errand that you have to do. While many students cook their meals on weekends and freeze them for the rest of the week, it’s not a healthy exercise. Also, getting takeaways daily isn’t a good option – neither for your health nor your pocket. Order authentic Indian food tiffin from Tiffinly and enjoy a warm and freshly prepared meal that will remind you of your mom’s food.

Good food is not just delicious; it has to be hygienic and wholesome, so we ensure that every meal is prepared and packed as per the hygiene standards.

Want to Have Home-cooked Indian Food? Tiffinly Offers Delivery for Students Across Melbourne

We understand how Indian students miss their mom’s food. Feel the same love and warmth with every bite of Tiffinly’s authentic Indian food. We use traditional technique and recipes, using Ayurvedic principles to cook food that nourishes your body, mind and soul. Check our menu and select your favourite food – we will deliver a customised tiffin to your doorstep.

Why Tiffinly?
All our meals are prepared:
  • With minimal oils or spices and hence our food is easy to digest.
  • We refrain from using any pre-made or frozen sauces and prepare each meal from scratch.
  • We use organic and fresh spices rather than processed or factory-produced ones
  • Using seasonal and fresh ingredients wherever possible
  • Without artificial additives, colouring or flavours.
As a university student studying in Melbourne, you can have fresh, preservative-free, delicious Indian meals without breaking your bank. Order a meal at Tiffinly today.