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Satisfying Vegetarian Indian Tiffin Service in Mernda

Is unhealthy cooking affecting your health adversely? Missing mom’s home-cooked meals? Hectic schedule making fancy eating a regular thing? Allow Tiffinly to help you! 

At Tiffinly, we make food for your health and well-being. Our tiffin service involves food prepared from natural and fresh ingredients in Mernda that contributes to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 

The hectic, busy, and bustling lifestyle of Australia make having a healthy and delicious meal a challenging task. Enjoy a tasty meal from us!

Fresh & Daily Cooked Indian Tiffin Service in Mernda

Food is essentially a part of you — it is what makes you! At Tiffinly, we refrain from using frozen or processed ingredients. Our Indian tiffin service offers pure vegetarian meals in and around Mernda that are tasty, delicious, and good for your health.
Believing in the transformational power of food, our meals are prepared fresh daily from scratch. We refrain from using pre-made sauces, pastes, or any other nasties that might reduce the life-enforcing prana element in your food.

Warm and Delicious Indian Meal Delivery to Your Doorstep

Tiffinly aims to offer you enriched and life-affirming food that is blissful both for you and your pocket. The life energy encrusted in our tiffin service in Mernda contributes to your well-being and health in all respects — physical, mental and spiritual. 

Specialty of Our Food — 

  • cooked following Ayurvedic principles 
  • all-natural ingredients 
  • balanced amount of natural supplements used 
  • minimal usage of oils (coconut used instead, wherever possible) 
  • zero usage of pre-made pastes and sauces 
  • different meals on each day of the week

Tiffinly prepares your food fresh — the same day you’ve ordered for its delivery. Our meals are delivered to your doorstep freshly cooked for your convenience. The food will surely leave you feeling light, blissful, and satisfied.

Homely 100% Veg Indian Tiffin Service in Mernda

For Tiffinly’s tiffin service in Mernda, the food is prepared in a 100% vegetarian kitchen. Refraining from the usage of fish, eggs, meat or seafood, we strive to support your health and well-being at all times. 

Enjoy Tiffinly’s smart, home-style food service NOW!


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